We are now almost seven years after October 21, 2015, but have yet to see and experience some of the crazy stuff detailed in “Back to the Future II.” The movie trilogy remains a cult favorite. Also, it turned a vehicle considered by the automotive industry a failure into an icon. Surprisingly, DeLorean is mounting a comeback with the Alpha5.

True to the films that catapulted the DMC-12 into stardom, the carmaker is engineering their new ride to be ready for the future of mobility. Actually, it’s just adapting to the growing trend of sustainability. Hence, you can say the Alpha5 is a welcome reboot of the original that could spell success for DeLorean.

Now an EV marque, the first order of business was to drop the geometric motif and embrace aerodynamic curves. In fact, testing shows its drag coefficient as only 0.23. This gives their flagship model an elegant aesthetic on par with some of the leading sporty coupes out there.

We’re glad they’re keeping the gullwing doors as this system is synonymous with the brand. Specific details regarding the electric powertrain are not yet available, but performance numbers are. The Alpha5 is powered by a 100+ kWh battery and can zip from 0-60 mph in 2.99 seconds.

The top speed is approximately 155 mph with a maximum range of more than 300 miles. Since there is no engine to speak of, the Alpha5 can now seat up to four. With no B pillar, rear passengers can easily enter and exit the EV.

The instrument cluster is a fully digital screen, while a touchscreen infotainment system rises at an angle from the center console. The Alpha5 will make its official debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August.

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Images courtesy of DeLorean