The Delfast Courier Company of Kiev, Ukraine, specializes in quick delivery. After searching for the best e-bike to utilize, they ultimately created their own bike with the strengths most needed for such long times on the road. The Delfast E-bike comes in three versions of which their ‘Prime’ model can range up to a whopping 236 miles (380 Km) on a single charge of its US-made 3,000 cycle, 64 Ah, 1,000-watt battery.

The Delfast Prime has a Bluetooth controlled Smart Battery System that includes energy recuperation. It features a Smart security system that includes GPS tracking, immobilizer, remote start, and more to assure the bike’s security. The Delfast e-bikes can be used as pedal assist or can be switched to full-electric operation.

Designed for long-distance riding in either country or urban environments, the Delfast e-bikes have both front and rear turn signals, brake lights, and a bright head light for visibility at all times. The Delfast Prime weighs just 95 lbs and comes in four stylish colors as well as black or white.

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