It looks like bourbon lovers have it good this summer with several releases from well-known brands. It was only a while ago when we recommended the third limited-edition launch of Russell’s Reserve 13-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. If you’ve already secured a bottle or two, check out the Emmer Wheat Recipe by Daniel Weller.

For those wondering, this label is one of several owned by Buffalo Trace Distillery. Among those that are popular among bourbon aficionados include Eagle Rare, Pappy Van Winkle’s, William Larue Weller, and Sazerac, to name a few. The company describes this blend as “an experimental line” which highlights how different strains of wheat impart a unique trait to the spirit.

Furthermore, they confirm that the Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe is a tribute to the name that adorns every bottle. Considered the “forefather of American whiskey” and grandfather to William Larue Weller, this expression deserves to be sampled by bourbon enthusiasts. For the inaugural edition, the extra ingredient is an Egyptian grain.

The mash bill they mix it with is the same one that goes into other spirits marketed under the William Larue Weller signature. The Emmer Wheat Recipe is then bottled at 94 proof after a 12-year aging period. Tasting notes listed by Buffalo Trace Distillery hint at a nutty and fresh aroma. Furthermore, essences of caramel, cinnamon, hazelnut, and orange zest further enhance the bourbon.

Seasoned sippers can also make out a palate of orchard fruits, sweet honey, and oak. Finally, leather, baking spice, and complex oak are all included in the finish. The Emmer Wheat Recipe marks what will become an annual treat for fans of American whiskey and spirits in general.

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Images courtesy of Buffalo Trace Distillery