What if we told you that there are luxury versions of almost any everyday item you can think of? It may be hard to believe but, it seems there is no limit to what the elite can deem as essential to their distinctive tastes. For those who want to indulge in premium products, here are the Daneson Flavored Toothpicks.

This is no joke! Who knew that there was a market for such a thing in the first place? we have learned over the years that folks with deep pockets are always eager for stuff which is over-the-top and offers something special not everyone will ever have access to.

Hence, even a simple oral hygiene tool can be elevated into a curated sensory surprise. Daneson intends to delight the discerning crowd with its Flavored Toothpicks. Perhaps the closest we can ever get to this exclusive experience are those generic sticks with mint tips. Still, those do not come close.

You can order the Flavored Toothpicks in two-bottle packs, four-bottle boxes, or 24-bottle cases. First-time buyers should ideally sample the essences available to discover the notes which appeal to them. Among those in the catalog are Bourbon No.22, Single Malt No.16, Mint No.9, Cinna Mint No.7, and Atlas Mint No.43.

Daneson occasionally dabbles in collaborations with other labels, but these almost immediately sell out. Nonetheless, their regular lineup is just as popular. Each Flavored Toothpick is American milled from northern white birch. It ships with a fancy box that holds glass tubes with a cork stopper. The packaging alone speaks volumes of what these things bring to the table.

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Images courtesy of Daneson