Just like back when power banks became mainstream accessories for the tech-savvy, we’ve moved up a tier with the surge in demand for portable power stations. Market research tells us people who frequently camp out or go overlanding prefer clean energy over traditional sources that use fossil fuels. For rugged reliability, the Powerbox+ 60 is your best bet.

We’ve featured plenty of power stations before and will continue to do so, but Dakota Lithium managed to pique our fascination with this bad boy. You’ve all noticed that the models listed on our pages share a similar form factor and configuration.

These are typically large boxes with an integrated carry handle, a digital display, and various ports. On the other hand, you’ll see the Powerbox+ 60 does not resemble any of those. Instead, resembles a hardshell case like those from Pelican and other brands.

As such, the manufacturer confirms their hardware is indeed designed for rugged applications. Furthermore, the robust construction makes it waterproof and submersible. We’ve never seen other brands make such bold claims, which is why Dakota Lithium might just have a winner on their hands here.

Inside its protective housing is a 12V 60A dual purpose 1,000 CCA battery rated at 720 Wh. To ensure it functions efficiently even in extremely cold temperatures, it includes an internal heating system. An advanced battery management system (BMS) allows it to operate safely and preserve battery life.

The Powerbox+ 60 measures 11.6″ x 12.1″ x 12.8″ and is on the hefty side at 27 lbs. Versatility is the name of the game as it comes with waterproof automotive binder posts for high-power applications such as jumpstarting engines. There are 2x 110V AC, 5x USB-A, and 1x USB-C ports.

Hook it up to the optional 180W folding solar panels for an almost endless supply. Use the Powerbox+ 60 as a standalone power station, or integrate it into a customized camper build. Dakota Lithium backs it with an 11-year warranty to cover any defects that arise during its lifespan.

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Images courtesy of Dakota Lithium