As the Cybertruck gradually makes its way into the eager hands of its owners, we start to wonder what Elon Musk has in store for Tesla. Most automotive pundits believe the new Roadster will finally ship out to dealerships and to those who preordered. If designer Dejan Hristov has any say in the matter, it would be the Cybertruck 2.0.

Now that some units of the all-electric pickup truck are finally out in the wild, we finally start to see reviews make their way online. So far, the feedback has been generally positive, but there are specific aspects wherein it fails to meet expectations. Nevertheless, it seems the geometric outline of its exterior remains the subject of criticism.

Keep in mind that the production units never deviated from the original imposing design, yet others would have probably preferred a hint of elegance. The Cybertruck 2.0 concept presented here drops the angular profile in favor of curated curvatures. Who knew that this bad boy could look sleek and sexy with a small tweak to its body panels?

Even with the modified silhouette, the Cybertruck 2.0 retains a familiar futuristic vibe albeit with a softer visual impact. What’s unclear, on the other hand, is if the exoskeleton is still fabricated out of 300 series stainless steel. If so, the EV should retain its superior durability and shrug off small-arms fire like a champ.

Performance-wise, we think the revamped body style would benefit its driving dynamics. Meanwhile, Hristov even went ahead and included a redesigned Cyberquad which aesthetically matches the Cybertruck 2.0 and perfectly fits the bed for transport. Although not immediately noticeable, the reimagined emission-free truck also features a slide-out frunk for storage.

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Images courtesy of Dejan Hristov/Behance