Even after several delays, the demand for Tesla’s next big platform remains at an all-time high. Although other manufacturers have already released rugged all-electric alternatives, the Cybertruck continues to inspire others. Until units hopefully ship out in 2023, there are other cool stuff related to it that you can grab right now. One of those is the aptly dubbed Cyberbackpack.

You can already guess where this is going by the name alone, but let’s find out what this accessory brings to the table. Since its 2019 debut, various markets attempted to cash in on the hype. Although there are official tie-ins such as the 1:10 scale RC model from Hot Wheels and the buildable MEGA x Cybertruck kit from Mattel.

Then there’s the unofficial merchandise that has been created with Tesla’s sustainable pickup truck in mind. The Cyberbackpack is one such product that creatively features recognizable elements from the machine in question. The hardshell outer cover is finished in silver just like the standard paint job of its namesake.

They’re using a PC material and carbon fiber composite mix to keep it lightweight yet durable. It opens at a 45-degree angle so you can access the spacious volumes inside. It easily fits 17.3-inch laptops, tablets, smartphones, books, and so much more. The Cyberbackpack is also air travel-ready with a TSA-certified code lock and keyhole.

To make it comfortable for long-term wear, the back panel is breathable. By default, the Cyberbackpack measures 4.3 inches but can expand to about 6.3 inches with a slide of a zipper. A luggage strap is also available so you can hook it up to the handle. Finally, you also have a discrete anti-theft compartment to store your important stuff.

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Images courtesy of Cyberbackpack