Taking a trip to the woods, the mountains, or to the beach is always welcome destruction to get away from the urban jungle. But man’s ability to get comfort out of his environment relies on adaptability and living conditions. With this, the Crua Outdoors XTENT comes in to provide all-weather protection in the outdoors.

A reliable roof over your head is always a must when out camping. You want a tent that doesn’t collapse on you or provide you with a good head and legroom. Crua Outdoors designed their newest gear for such purpose. This tent has an extendable height so you don’t have to sit or crouch when you need to put your pants on.

The Crua Outdoors XTENT is spacious enough to fit 2-3 persons inside. It is an all-weather tent that adapts to the surrounding temperature. Its insulated interior makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. It is perfect for any occasion and situation. It is pet-friendly and has an airy bug mesh.

Outside of the insulation, the inside of this camping tent uses breathable Crua Cocoon V2 that blocks out light and dampens sound so you have a restful sleep. Suffice to say, it cocoons you so you get the feeling of being at home cozy in bed.

The Crua Outdoors XTENT even has modern features including LED lighting and pockets to store your essentials and keep them dry. This tent is guaranteed durable as it’s made from Polyester 185T, Oxford Polyester 150D (both HH 5,000) and aluminum poles. It is also lightweight, packs down small, and sets up fast so you don’t miss out on making good memories.

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Images courtesy of Crua Outdoors