Motorcycle helmets have often been relegated to something that just keeps your head intact for far too long. Modern technology has revolutionized motorcycle electronics and controls and now it is the helmet’s turn to meet the future.

Borderless’ CrossHelmet X1 has more than just road noise suppression and Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone, it can also carry out essential smartphone and HUD functions. Using the touchpad and dedicated Android or iOS app you can access all the CrossHelmet X1’s features, from personal assistant and ride data to group chat – even with those who don’t have a CrossHelmet.

The windscreen is a wide-view wraparound visor that includes a heads-up display of the rear camera to provide a full 360° visual experience that eliminates dangerous blind spots. The Borderless CrossHelmet X1 has a classy look right down to the LED strip lights on the sides for added visibility at night.

Preorder From Kickstarter $1,400