CRKT has released a trio of new automatic knives designed by expert knifemaker Philip Booth. One is the Michaca, named after his hometown of Ithaca, Michigan, and it comes in two variations, while the other is called the Minnow.

The Michaca automatic knife features a MagnaCut steel drop-point blade with a plain edge and bead blast finish. It comes in G10 handle scales for excellent grip and sports Booth’s signature stripe. This knife is available in either jade handle scales with a black stripe or black handle scales with a blue-gray stripe.

Both versions deploy the blade using a Scale Release Lock, which triggers the mechanism when the user slides one of the handle scales either backward or forward. The blade on CRKT’s Michaca automatic knife measures just 3.30″ long and 0.13″ thick. With the handle, it’s an overall compact knife at just 7.81″ long and 4.60″ when closed. It’s also lightweight at 5.10 oz.

Meanwhile, the Minnow is even smaller than the Michaca and instead of a Scale Release Lock, employs a button release for lightning speed blade deployment. It also features a MagnaCut steel blade with plain edge and stonewash finish and Micarta handle scales paired with a stainless steel bolster.    

CRKT designed the Minnow with a compact profile, measuring just 4.49″ when fully opened. Its blade is merely 1.79″ long and 0.13″ thick. When closed, you’d hardly realize you have an automatic knife with you because it clocks in at just 2.74″ long and weighs 4 oz. 

CRKT’s Michaca and Minnow automatic knives would make great and reliable blades for your outdoor adventures. They’re not just small but also packs a mean blade to handle various tasks.

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Images courtesy of CRKT