Paying $2,500,000 for what’s essentially a house on stilts like something only a lunatic would do. But the Cree House isn’t just a house on stilts. Designed by architect Albert Frey in 1955, thisPalm Springs household is a mode-century modern masterpiece ready for takers.

The residence occupies 8.2 acres is stands on a rocky hillside thanks to a sturdy foundation of steel stilts. The main panels come painted in chic Encelia green, which does a great bit to blend with the surrounding landscape. But what takes the cake are those yellow fiberglass accents wrapped along the deck. Together, they make the overall exterior look camouflaged in with the sparse greenery lining the hillside.

Inside, you’ll find a gorgeous 1,124-square-foot, one bedroom interior. It’s nearly untouched, as well, with the original features in their most pristine. Those include native stone fireplace, wood paneling, vintage kitchen appliances, and cabinets. Wide glazed windows introduce vistas marked by parched uplands and invite a great deal of natural light in. These also expand to the modest living space out to a 600-square-foot deck.

The house also goes by the nickname “The Forgotten Frey.” A single family has owned it for quite some time. And it had not been open to the public until Modernism Week 2019. Suffice it to say that this nearly-untouched architectural marvel will be an easy buy at $2.5 mil for all you takers. Hit up Christie’s International Real Estate for more information, or check out the photos below to see the interior and other views.


Photos courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate