As you all know, since the start of lockdowns due to the pandemic, cycling surged in popularity. Not only does it give you a workout but is also a great way to get some fresh air and just have fun. Aside from regular offerings, electric bicycles are also becoming a favorite among commuters. If you’re in the market for one, check out the Cowboy 4.

In 2020, we shared our take on its predecessor – the aptly named Cowboy 3. As with any follow-up, the fourth-generation model introduces even more upgrades to make each ride awesome and safe. There are two trims available that cater to the user’s personal tastes.

Those who want a sportier performance should go for the Cowboy 4. Meanwhile, the Cowboy 4 ST is the more leisurely option. Aside from the silhouette and riding position, both retail for the same price of approximately $2,990. Going back, the frame and forks are crafted from 6061 aluminum.

What have next is a Selle Royal saddle and a Gates carbon belt with a 60/21 (2.85) gear ratio. The Cowboy 4 is equipped with a 10 Ah, 360 Wh battery to power its custom 250W hub motor with a torque rating of 33.19 lb-ft. The range on a full charge is about 43.5 miles with an assist speed that maxes out at 15.5 mph.

The handlebars feature a dock that can also wirelessly charge a compatible smartphone. Connect your device via Bluetooth Low Energy and use the companion app to unlock more features. Get navigation information, track your stats, and more. The Cowboy 4 also packs sensors for crash detection and robust anti-theft measures. Overall, this is a worthwhile upgrade you should consider.

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