REDUKT houses are modern, off-grid, and sustainable micro-hotels that allow a minimalist and simple lifestyle. It comes in different shapes, layouts, and functional solutions to cater to guests’ needs. The REDUKT Country house, for instance, features a flexible design to allow several arrangements and “reveal a different atmosphere of spending leisure time.”

Despite its small 15 sqm footprint (7.20 m long, 2.55 m wide, and 3.70 m tall) it offers comfort with its open-plan layout. It has a spacious living area connected to a linear-designed kitchenette equipped with solid wood worktop, a sink, a built-in fridge, and a hob. There is also a mobile table that serves as dining or work space, a sitting bench with storage boxes, and a bathroom with shower, washbasin, and toilet. Meanwhile, a grand bed with drawer beneath can sleep two. 

Moreover, the REDUKT Country house offers more than enough storage spaces in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living area. Plumbing in this tiny house is connected to the mains or off-grid and electric IR foils in the floor or the wall offers heating.

This trailer home also uses mineral wool or wood fiber, sheep wool, or PIR boards for insulation. Meanwhile, metal sheets make up the roofing system, plywood for the furniture pieces and interior finishes, and composite boards or laminate for the flooring. 

The REDUKT Country house sits slightly elevated from the ground using spruce boards and double-glazed, aluminum windows connect indoors to the outdoors while allowing natural lighting inside. This trailer is EU approved up to 3,500 kg is can be off-grid ready with the addition of an internal 400L water tank with pump and solar panels with integrated battery and inverter. It can also accommodate a wood burning stove with a chimney (flue pipe) and propane installation.

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Images courtesy of REDUKT