Typical camera bags are usually large to accommodate larger gear and accessories. Rarely can you find one that is small and only fits cameras the size of a smartphone. The COSYSPEED PHONESLINGER, on the other hand, is designed for such.

Dubbed as “the world’s first smartphone photography bag,” it caters to the smartphone photography and videography enthusiasts. This bag has dedicated compartments to stash add-on lenses and it even has QI-wireless charging capability to power your smartphones for an extensive photo day.

It is made from rugged fabric and keeps your gadgets secure and accessible at all times with its one-handed access feature. It can fit all phone sizes from the iPhone X to a Galaxy Note.

The COSYSPEED PHONESLINGER PHONESLINGER comes in three different options: Power, Prime, and Outdoor. The Power and the Prime are made from weather-resistant duo-tone nylon D600 fabric. They have padded frames to protect your phone from drops and a detachable back loop to attach to a belt.

The difference between the two is the loading capacity. The Power can only accommodate one smartphone, unlike the Prime, which has four additional pockets to store add-on lenses. However, the Power makes up for its lack of storage with its integrated QI-Wireless 8000mAH power bank, which can charge your smartphone twice. It also has an interior hidden pocket to store credit cards.

Meanwhile, the PHONESLINGER Outdoor is ideal to bring in your camping, hiking, or climbing adventure. It is lightweight and durable. It uses weather resistant, super robust Nylon D900 fabrics so it can withstand bumps on rocks or any other rough conditions.

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Photos Courtesy of COSYSPEED