If you are a true luxury lifestyle advocate, you will definitely understand why it is worth paying $25,000 for a bicycle such as this. The Trefecta DRT electric bike is agile, lightweight, sturdy, and beautifully designed. It also flaunts impressive technological advancements to transform your riding experience into a smooth and even effortless one.

The state-of-the-art pedelec system allows you to give up pedaling for distances of up to 100 km (62 mi) of mixed terrains. The battery pack is smartly designed to allow a quick battery swap for when you can’t stop for a recharge. Once you’ve reached your destination, an 80 percent “refill” can be completed in just an hour.

Trefecta DRT Electric Bike Cool Trefecta DRT Electric Bike

Trefecta Mobility has fitted the bicycle with a digital CAN-am bus system that monitors all the important stats of your journey. Suspensions, throttle, gears, speed, mode, battery life, and other functions are displayed and controlled on the handlebar. All wires and inner mechanisms are housed inside the minimalist body of the bike to ensure optimal protection from elements.

The wheels are made of carbon fiber and are completely interchangeable with minimal effort. They feature off-road tires that can face any type of surface, taking you from the city and onto the trekking paths without difficulty. And to top it all off, this really cool luxury bike is also foldable, which makes it easy to store and easy to transport as well.

Trefecta DRT Electric Bike Handlebar Controls Trefecta DRT Electric Bike Handlebar Controls 1