Whichever way you look at it, the Constellation Audio Leo Sound System is an impressive piece of audio tech. Whether you are suckered in by its edgy and angular surface or the fact that it houses two 6.5 inch woofers that have been set at opposed parallel configuration so that any vibration produced by the sound pumping through it is canceled out or the fact that it uses two 140 watt Class D amplifiers – it is impressive.

It also has two 0.75 inch tweeters and two 2.5 inch mid-range drivers that are all powered by individual 70 watts of amplitude.

Full control over the sound quality is at your fingertips with the multi-channel DSP which allows you to alter it based on the audio source you are using. It has an MM/MC phono connector built in and is compatible with Ethernet, optical digital, Bluetooth, Chromecast and even AirPlay providing you with various options!

To keep with its simplistic design, the frontal control panel is only home to essential controls like play/pause and skip; input selection, volume and power on/off. You can even use your tablet or smartphone to control it, for extra convenience so you can enjoy music from wherever you are in the house.