Designed to replace the cheap plastic dice we all know, CoDi are a fresh, game-changing addition to any dice-powered game.

Created by Dave & Calvin Laituri (a father & son creative team from Saxonville, MA, that ran 15 successful Kickstarter campaigns so far), the unique dice come as a family of graphic alternatives to classic dots, in stainless & brass. 3 new symbol models (plus classic dots) are being offered, each laser etched onto standard-sized 16mm cubes: the Tally – a riff on traditional hash mark tallies, the Symbol, and House – inspired by building construction.

The CoDi (stands for ‘Code’ + ‘Dice’) are said to have a solid feel to them and deliver a long, satisfying roll with little effort. A solid walnut bar is also available, complementing & holding these handsome dice organized and ready for action.

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