Ever since Peter Jackson’s work on the Lord of The Rings franchise and subsequent prequel The Hobbit, the beauty of New Zealand was showcased for the whole world to see. As such, we head back to the island country to explore its latest architectural additions. The blueprint we want to talk about is the Coast House.

The dwelling’s name is appropriate courtesy of the site where it stands. The backdrop of trees and vegetation close to the dunes of Omaui Beach frame its structure. The greenery is not just for show as it also provides additional protection for the Coast House against harsh weather coming from the sea.

From what we can tell, the residence boasts a sustainable design. In fact, Stacey Farrell Architect says it is the recipient of the “Green Home of the Year 2021 in Home Magazine Home of the Year.” The North facing site provides great views of Omaui Beach and its surrounding landscape.

This construction of this holiday cabin supposedly uses a “Passive House ideology.” The Coast House is clad in metal with varying surfaces. Since the exterior flaunts neutral tones, it benefits from the textures. A paved path leads you to the entrance with two rainwater collection tanks on the side.

The interior features SIP (Structurally Insulated Panels) for the walls. The team does not line anything over but stains them to really bring out the textures. You’ll notice that the dining table can also be used for a game of ping-pong. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows are strategically in key sections to maximize natural lighting by day. The Coast House features two bedrooms and off-grid coziness.

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Images courtesy of Stacey Farrell Architect