The Civivi Polymorph Titanium Carabiner is no ordinary carabiner. It packs other utility tools handy for small and quick fixes in a compact body designed for everyday carry.

This keychain multi-tool has a hex wrench and a bottle opener laid out ready for use. At the bottom is a rotating wheel that holds different sizes of screwdrivers. There’s a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, Allen, and two different Torx bits. All tools are strong and durable thanks to their stainless steel construction that boasts a hardness rating scale of 43 to 45.

When in need of a cutting tool, the slide-out blade, four-position, stainless steel blade comes in handy. It is a 58-60 HRC-rated 9Cr18MoV knife with a flat grind and a plain finish that will do well in the cutting and slicing department. Plus, three extra blades are ready on standby as replacements.

Moreover, the Civivi Polymorph Titanium Carabiner is light in the hands and the pocket because of its titanium construction. It is also compact at just 2.8 inches for its overall length and width of 1.65 inches. It is also slim enough at 0.37 inches and weighs 0.97 ounces.

For those who want varying colors, the Civivi Polymorph Titanium Carabiner comes in different finishes. These include Bronze, Gray, and Blue. Design-wise, it is elegantly unique with a steampunk appeal. It’s definitely one you can tout around especially since it comes with a lanyard hole for tether. It would look good as a key organizer although it will definitely serve its purpose for emergency fixes on the go.

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Images courtesy of Civivi