When high-tech invades the kitchen the results can be truly amazing. The Cinder Grill ($TBA) has brought precision cooking within the reach of everyone. Using the app interface allows you to select the precise time and temperature you want the meat done, close the lid, and wait for the Cinder to notify you when your food is cooked to perfection. That means less time spent in the kitchen and more free time for you.

Restaurant quality meats can be duplicated on the Cinder with ease. As well as a cooking grill, the appliance also has a sear setting that boosts the temperature up to 450°F. As a final step before plating, getting that signature caramelized taste seared in is the secret of a pro chef. Since Cinder doesn’t require oil, there is no smoke, no mess, and very easy cleanup.

Rather than a heating coil that assures uneven heat, the Cinder utilizes an array of small heating nodes built into the cooking plates. This allows the grill to monitor and adjust continuously so your meat always stays within one tenth of a degree of your set target. If you love precision cooked meat, you may want to make some room on your counter top for this ingenious device.