Based on the first ever ladies’ timepiece by Christophe Claret called Margot, only with a superb oriental touch, the Christophe Claret Layla watch is a gorgeous limited edition creation for sophisticated women. Limited to only 20 pieces, Layla keeps is predecessor’s unique mechanism, which not only tells time but also allows the wearer to play a game of love at the simple press of a pusher.

Christophe Claret Layla Watch for Ladies

The mechanical daisy at the center of the dial features removable petals, in the sense that they can be hidden under the dial when pressing the push button at the two o’clock position. As the flower loses its petals, a new message is displayed on two openings below, answering the famous “He loves me, he loves me not” dilemma.

The messages are all written in Arabic, which posed quite a challenge to the engineers who had to rethink the mechanism so that it would display the words from right to left, as the Arabic script requires. The pink mother-of-pearl dial is delicately engraved with a poem by Qays Al Mulawwah, and it tells the story of how the poet fell in love with his cousin Layla.

To make the watch perfectly comfortable for even the daintiest writ, the gold case is slightly curved. The crown was tucked away from view between the upper lugs, so that it would not disrupt the overall design of the timepiece. Precious stones adorn the lugs, the bezel, the dial and even the back of the watch, all contributing to a harmonious display of luxury.

Case, Christophe Claret Layla Watch for Ladies Christophe Claret Layla Watch