DX Arquitectos designed Chinita House to bring together several members of an extended family. As such, this modern home boasts some 280m² of living space and has a garden courtyard perfect for gatherings. 

This stunning modern home is set in a remote yet picturesque setting in the IV Region of Chile, at the start of the Atacama Desert.  It features a high facade and clever design aimed to protect the shelter from the sun rays and harsh northern wind.  A high palisade surrounds the property which looks into a covered terrace. Then it opens into an interior that offers spectacular views of the ocean beyond at all times. The sound of the breaking waves hitting the rocks lulls homeowners. It brings a sense of calm and relaxation.  

Cleverly designed according to its purpose, the Chinita House aims to bring family members together. Thus, the centripetal/centrifugal geometry of the home. Meanwhile, abundant glazing brings in natural lighting and connects the indoors to the outdoors. 

“We tried to gradually blur the limit between the open and closed spaces while preserving the nature of the local landscape in a large central patio. This is where the family can exponentially inhabit, tying circulations, views, and access to all the programs of the house,” DX Arquitectos says of the design. 

Completed in 2021, Chinita House uses muted and natural hues. Black, brown, and white on the interior finishes and pieces of furnishings complement its desert and rocky landscape. Wood and concrete materials abound from the facade to the interior. Verdant landscaping also surrounds this magnificent home. 

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Images courtesy of Pablo Blanco Barros/DX Arquitectos