This year at SEMA, a menacing concept car combining hot-rod style with modern performance has just been unveiled. The Chevrolet Chevelle Slammer ($NA) is based on a customized 1969 Chevelle which gives it the classic muscle car look – and then the awesome begins…

The real spark to the Chevy Slammer is its new direct injection LT376/535 crate engine coupled with a SuperMatic 4L75-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission capable of 650 lb.-ft of torque. The 535 horsepower is achieved with a special camshaft and heads, a package that is more powerful than even the V-8’s in Corvette Stingrays or the Camaro SS.

The customization process did not change the overall look of the 1969 Chevelle but its designer Humberto Ortiz points out that chrome was minimized and several other features like the bumpers and grill were also subtly reworked. While Chevrolet is hosting over 20 concepts at the SEMA show, the Slammer is definitely going to be one of the star attractions.