Do you have plans to pop open some bubbly to celebrate anytime soon? If so, why don’t you grab a few bottles of Étoile to cap off the festivities? As long as you’re not snobbish about where your sparkling wine is made, Chandon intends to impress even the most discerning of taste buds and earn its place on the list.

Reports reveal that this new addition to the Australian winery’s lineup is 25 years in the making. Company director Dan Buckle was purportedly inspired by the muses after a tasting spree of the world’s top-notch wines. This would have been a dream experience for any enthusiast.

After his senses were treated to this finery, the mission was to craft an alcoholic beverage equal or even better than the ones he sampled. Thus, the Étoile was conceived from a blend of eight reserves, which underwent additional maturation.

Chandon is considered a master of sparkling wine mixes and many expect its latest entry to be nothing short of extraordinary. “You can think of wines in musical terms,” said Buckle. “A single-vineyard Pinot Noir might be a Miles Davis trumpet solo—best left on its own.”

He then likens its creation to that of a symphony played by an orchestra. Therefore, the Étoile
“is the most complex of all, in terms of conducting and orchestrating so many elements,” adds the Chandon executive. Pour it into a glass and you’re greeted with a pale straw liquid a noticeable mousse.

To a trained nose, it releases aromas of macadamia butter, white peach, lime, apple blossom, and Asian pear. Meanwhile, a sip unveils notes of pistachio, bergamot, white peach, allspice, yuzu, and pastry. Chandon understands buyers are eager for the Étoile, but recommends a 10-year stint in the cellar for the best results.

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Images courtesy of Chandon Australia