Nothing speaks like you’re on vacation than a pair of huaraches or slip-ons to complement a breezy getup. These Chamula Cancun slip-ons, for one, are the perfect pair for jeans, shorts, and shirt, or any laidback getup you have going on. They look comfortable and breathable and their leather construction adds a touch of elegance and style.

A pair of huaraches does wonders for your soles while you are out touring other countries or even just traversing the urban jungle. The woven design not only creates a unique appeal but also keeps your feet dry as it allows air to seep in. The partly open design also allows more wiggle room for your toes so they stay comfortable.

These Chamula Cancun shoes come with vegetable-tanned leather uppers hand-cut, dyed, and woven in a classic round toe design. Over time and with prolonged use, the supple leather will conform to the shape of your feet. Given that these are slip-ons, then they make the ideal footwear for warm weather conditions. 

Moreover, they are lightweight and come with flexible and durable EVA soles that provide great cushion, energy return, and shock absorption. They feel light on your feet too. You can tread in style and comfort with this pair no matter your getup. But they would look best as summer wear. 

These  Chamula Cancun slip-ons also come with rubber outsoles for good grip and traction. They are meticulously handcrafted in Central Mexico by indigenous artisans using traditional shoe-making techniques and are guaranteed to last for many uses. 

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Images courtesy of Chamula