Repeat customers are a good sign of successful work and architect Eric Tremblay of Boom Town Architects was quite pleased when some former apartment renovation clients commissioned him to create a secluded vacation home for them. The plot selected for the Chalet Lac Gate was beside a lake in Harrington, Quebec, Canada. Dedicated to remaining as minimally intrusive as possible, Tremblay used the land’s natural contours as inspiration for the six connected layers, all the while keeping the vast majority of the cedar trees around it intact.

The carefully placed Alumilex windows and doors provide scenic views of the lake on both sides while maintaining privacy among the tree cover. With an eye to fitting the home within its environment, cedar siding and Eramosa limestone were used on the exterior with the floors being of Montauk gray slate.

The inside of the Chalet Lac Gate is done in neutral shades and light colors so the natural outdoor scenery would be highlighted. Rift cut oak panels accent the kitchen while the Emily quartz bathtub rounds out the creature comforts of this spacious wilderness getaway home.