When your brand is practically a household name, some companies rely on word of mouth to market their wares. We can confidently say that Casio’s rugged lineup of watches is already iconic, but a bit of publicity now and then won’t hurt. As such, they’re partnering with Bodega for the DW-5600.

Even though the G-SHOCK catalog expanded beyond digital-only models over the years, the old-school silhouette remains a favorite among collectors. In fact, we know some folks who still have their vintage timekeeping instruments in working condition. To put it simply, the timepiece lives up to the claims.

Therefore, this tells us that with proper care and regular maintenance, the DW-5600 should last almost a lifetime. What many will find appealing with the G-SHOCK x BODEGA collaboration is the design. The co-branding is subtle and appears just above the display and on the stainless-steel case back.

We have a translucent smoky gray octagonal resin case which frames the LCD display decorated by globe graphics. Functions are likewise printed on the border for reference. Casio is pairing the DW-5600 with a matching band for a cohesive profile. The strap uses a tang buckle closure system.

You’ll also notice the stainless-steel bumpers which act like a roll cage. Even without it, G-SHOCK models are built like tanks anyway. Still, this accessory adds a decorative element that hints at the watch’s durable nature. The DW-5600 ships in a special box alongside a carabiner accessory.

“The Bodega x G-SHOCK DW-5600 appeals to the collector in all of us, and whether it’s your 1st watch or your 50th, G-Shock’s rugged design paired with our eye for overt and covert detailing makes the Bodega 5600 wrist ready ‘anytime & anywhere’,” reads the product page.

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Images courtesy of Casio/Bodega