Protect your precious cigars in style with Case Elegance’s Military Humidor. This limited edition black edition boasts tank-like construction and hyper-precise humidity controls. It even comes with Case Elegance’s patent-pending Hydro System to keep your cigars fresh.

This aficionado-approved cigar case is made out of thick wood and Spanish cedar inlay with a matte black exterior finish. It has custom polished gunmetal components including corner guards, handles, side lid hatches, and the front hygrometer. The lid comes outfitted with heavy-duty latches to keep the seal secured.

Meanwhile, a slidable removable storage tray allows easy access to cigars in the bottom so you don’t have to remove the top tray. Case Elegance’s Military Humidor in Black Edition monitors the humidity of your humidor accurately with digitally-controlled hygrometers. Each hygrometer comes with a rubber gasket seal to prevent unwanted air leakage in or out.

Moreover, the base of the humidor comes equipped with an accurate and low-maintenance, recessed cigar humidification system called Hydro System. This system controls the humidor’s humidity between 65-72% RH. By recessing it, it maximizes the number of cigars you can store.  

Case Elegance’s Military Humidor in Black Edition also has EVA foam lining with a diamond-cut pattern similar to those found in military storage cases. Then there’s the interior, which has a removable pre-cut accessory holder to house Case Elegance’s exclusive Gunmetal Edition Accessory Kit by Klaro.

Case Elegance’s Military Humidor in Black Edition, out of the box, comes with a humidification tray, one bottle of regular humidor solution, and one bottle of winter and dry climate humidor solution.  

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Images courtesy of Case Elegance