When scouring the globe for the best houses that money can buy, we usually look for properties that marry traditional with contemporary or at least pay respect to their locale. Sure, sometimes we will find a build that flies in the face of those things, but does it so well that it merits inclusion, but on the whole we look for the best houses that just offer the best solutions to surroundings and design.
The Casa LC by Art Arquitectos is located in Mexico City, Mexico and is just the kind of house we love here at MensGear. The design is quintessentially Spanish in look and feel, but inside the architects have gone for bold room shapes and ideas by splitting the house into three sections, a social area, private area, and entertainment area.
What sets the Casa LC apart for us are the striking features within the property. These include the frankly stunning central circular patio, complete with water mirror and fountain. Continuing the patio within a house theme, the square patio with an orange tree is a lovely relaxation point, while the swimming pool has bags of character thanks to that unique tile arrangement.
Everything about the Casa LC screams modern, but that does not mean there is not a hint of traditional, because there is. Wooden beams adorn the ceilings and white limestone walls all hark back to traditional building styles for this part of the world.