When it comes to the world of spirits, the majority of distillers opt to keep up traditions. This means you get the same experience each time you take a sip or mix a cocktail. These days, drinkers want to sample something out of the ordinary and are willing to try whatever is on the menu. Casa Dragones offers the Reposado Mizunara.

Many would argue that the distillery is already approaching things differently by using a diffuser for its tequila. Instead of cooking the agave, they are using steam and water for extracting the sugars, which is a more modern approach. The snobbish few might steer clear from it, but others find it just as enjoyable.

Furthermore, the addition of the aging process inside mizunara oak makes it even more sophisticated. Even discerning individuals who prefer their spirit the traditional way might be tempted to give this a shot. The Reposado Mizunara’s additional maturation in these rare casks imparts light notes associated with the wood.

Instead of using casks that previously housed whiskey and other spirits, Casa Dragones is commissioning new ones. The Reposado Mizunara then rests in these to acquire the distinct characteristics the wood adds to any spirit. The tequila shows a light bright golden hue. Its aroma is that of magnolia, sandalwood, honey, and orange blossom.

A sip of the Reposado Mizunara reveals apricot, butterscotch, and oak. Finally, you get a lasting finish of coffee beans and mellow spice. Casa Dragones co-founder and CEO Bertha González Nieves stated, “innovation is what we like to do best, to explore the possibilities within the tequila category.” You can now order a bottle online for $169.99.

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Images courtesy of Casa Dragones