Just in case you didn’t hear it anywhere else…Porsche is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018. I know, they kept that quiet, didn’t they?

What with the museum exhibition, a parade featuring 70 cars and that special edition watch, the German supercar manufacturer has found a multitude of ways to celebrate. One of the latest, and in our opinion, the best is a gift for you and me. A coffee table book entitled Cars And Curves: A Tribute To 70 Years of Porsche.

Statistics clearly show the dominance the supercar has had over its seven decades, whether it is when they had the beginnings of a hybrid car in 1899 or the fact that the company impressively won the 24 Hours of Le Mans a whopping 19 times. If it were just dry facts and numbers it would be quite a dull read that only the geekiest of gearheads would enjoy. Porsche have played to their strengths though and included hundreds of clear, crisp and breathtaking images of the most iconic cars in its remarkable history.

So whether you are a petrolhead in general or Porsche lover, this compendium delivers everything you could want and need from a history book dedicated to one of the greats of the automotive industry.

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