When you really want to be as eco-friendly as possible, cycling is the mobility solution everyone should consider. Not only can you get from one point to another without worrying about traffic jams, but it can also give you a good workout. In a bid to innovate and help cut costs, Cardoso Cycles gives us the Outlaw Bike concept.

Although most people think that a pedal-powered two-wheeler instantly equates to savings, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Depending on where you live, some governments impose crazy taxes on the sale of bicycles. Take for example Outlaw Bike designer Denis Cardoso’s home country of Brazil, which levies up to 70%, which is crazy.

Thus, his idea is to exploit the lower taxes for furniture at about 12% to benefit cyclists. It’s clever how an armchair and table can transform into a full-size bicycle with a little bit of work. Surprisingly, buyers still have the option to order it as a fully assembled bicycle if they don’t mind the hefty premium. The customer is always right as they say!

They’re using wood, aluminum, laminates, steel, and leather. Hex bolts and tubes provide durable support. We’re not sure if the Outlaw Bike ships with all the tools to help you switch between forms, but it likely will. The wooden frame turns into a chair with a leather seat and the crankset on the side as a cool accent.

Meanwhile, the seat post and the fork turn into the legs of a table. The top uses the wheel with a disc cover. Overall, the execution may not be as sleek as we want it to be, but it is impressive, nonetheless. The Outlaw Bike is still in the early stages of development.

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Outlaw Bike Bike Form

Images courtesy of Cardoso Cycles