If you ask anyone what their favorite alcohol from Mexico is, it’s very likely they’ll blurt out tequila! The popularity of the agave-based spirit is on an entirely different level now from several years ago. It’s a versatile liquor people can enjoy by shots, sips, and in cocktails. If you care to sample another type of booze, check out the Sotol De Desierto.

Hailing from the Ciudad Aldama — a municipality in Chihuahua, Mexico — this clear spirit is distilled by masters at Cardenxe. The arid area and the combination of three Dasylirion varieties which are abundant in the desert are likely where Sotol De Desierto gets its name from.

For those wondering, this plant may have some similarities with agave but it’s from another genus. The company ensures that the production follows traditional methods, but also integrates modern processes. As such, each serving of Sotol De Desierto imparts a distinct “quasi-floral” flavor.

They’re bottling it at 45% ABV and by 750 ml within a stylish vessel. Take a sip or a swig of the Sotol De Desierto to experience floral notes of moss, nuts, and eucalyptus on the palate. It then lingers and leaves a grassy finish that will surprise many first-time drinkers.

The product page reads, “characterized by a juxtaposition of sweet and mineral notes, the Sotol De Desierto is tamed by its light lingering vegetal aftertaste – a true celebration of the Sotol plant. We can feel the earth and wood on the tongue, while savoring notes of prickly pear and cocoa on the palate.”

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Images courtesy of Cardenxe