Bugatti is a prestigious marque that needs no introduction in automotive circles. The name is synonymous with luxury, performance, and exclusivity. Thus, any collaboration that bears its badge is sure to command a hefty price and become highly sought-after among the elite. For its clientele who are about to celebrate something grand, a bottle of its ƎB.01 should suffice.

This high-class bubbly is the French carmaker’s collaboration with Champagne Carbon. Its release was for Bugatti’s 110th anniversary which also saw the debut of the Chiron Sport 110 Ans. Since most of the publicity centered on the limited-edition machine in question, the launch of the ƎB.01 was probably buried under all the media hype.

Champagne Carbon CEO Alexandre Mea says, “at the crossroad of tradition and modernity, excellence and technology, Bugatti never makes compromises. We feel the same about our champagne.” Instead of your typical bottle with printed labels, this lives up to the name with a composite wrap.

The color of the ƎB.01’s carbon fiber exterior matches the Steel Blue paintwork of the Chiron Sport 110 Ans. Even the coiffe is in a metallic shade of deep blue with the “EB” emblem in silver. As you move toward the base, the Champagne Carbon for Bugatti branding adorns the side.

Within the stylish container is a sparkling alcoholic beverage crafted out of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir grapes. Champagne Carbon describes its notes as that of “delightful green fruits and nuts, amplified by a jolting note of salty-minerality.” The ƎB.01 ships out to buyers in a special box you can display along with the bottle.

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Images courtesy of Champagne Carbon/Bugatti