The Departure One, an innovative construction from Germany-based Caravanboat, serves as a camper and a houseboat. It lets you travel by land or water in one transport.

This vehicle offers multiple opportunities for use both on water and the shore, so you always have a variety of options while traveling. It has a fixed roof terrace to ensure you stay dry in any weather and in any mode of travel.

The Departure One can take you on a cruise around the countryside or drive you to your next camping destination. It is a 30-foot long camper that features a passenger car and a land entrance ladder. It boasts economical dimensions that are fully adaptable to fit your land travel needs. You can attach it as a trailer to a car, truck, or to a flat rack container.

Meanwhile, seawater resistant aluminum hull turns this camper into a motorized houseboat, which features a sun deck for you to lounge in and bask in the warmth of the sun. It has a steering wheel situated just before the bow, facing huge plexiglass windows that also have a wing door window to allow in and out access.

The Departure One is self-sufficient and equipped with home essentials that make traveling a comfort. LED lights fill the caravan. It has two single beds in the bow and the spacious living room can also be converted into a sleeping space to accommodate two more people.

It also features a kitchen, a washbasin, a small shower, and storage spaces for clothes and other essentials. The kitchen has a microwave, stovetop, fridge, and a sink. It boasts a rooftop deck with seats and a solar power that can sustain two people for two days.

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Photos Courtesy of Caravanboat