Don’t get caught stranded on the road with a broken bike. As long as you have the proper tools you can easily go on your way. Cannondale recently partnered with DynaPlug for the 18-in-1 multi-tool, a sleek and lightweight gear boasting 18 functions, including a fold-out DynaPlug tubeless plugger loaded with a couple of plugs.

This tool is just 125g yet it’s made to handle just about any task. It’s built for durability and longevity with corrosion-resistant electroless nickel-plated Cr-V steel tools and anodized alloy side bars. 

The Cannondale 18-in-1 multi-tool with DynaPlug packs your most-used bike tools ready to make on-the-fly adjustments to almost any part of your bike. These include a double-ended DynaPlug tool and valve core removal tool, perfect for quick and easy on-the-spot flat repairs. The short, metal-tipped plugs are a breeze to use and effectively seal small holes.

Meanwhile, other tools include a multi-functional chain-breaker tool that serves as a brake pad spreader and a bottle opener. This bike tool also has three spoke wrenches, a Phillips #2, and a Flat #5 screwdriver tool. 

Moreover, the Cannondale 18-in-1 multi-tool with DynaPlug offers Hex keys in various sizes including 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 6, and 8mm hexes, as well as a T25 Torx. Meanwhile, for mid-ride repairs, it has a magnetic chain master link storage (links not included). 

This gear makes an essential part of your bike rides and as such, is designed to fit in small storage compartments. The tools are very compact at just 1″ long and 1″ wide, so it can easily fit in your pocket too. You won’t even realize you have it until you need it. 

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Images courtesy of Cannondale