The Consumer Electronics Show is shaping up to be a great time for those in the green mobility market to present their latest products and concepts. Volkswagen recently impressed us with the near-production version of its electric sedan concept – the ID. 7. This time it’s Candela’s turn to showcase their zero-emission hydrofoil speedboat – the C-8.

We’ve previously covered this sleek watercraft when it initially debuted last year. Back then, there were only snippets as to what the vessel offered. Now, the company is ready to share more about its thrilling entry into the growing eco-friendly boating scene. Aside from the recreational model, they also have P-8 Voyager, P-8 Shuttle, and P-12 Shuttle.

On average, watercraft of its size are engineered for speed. It all comes down to the propulsion system and hydrodynamic outline of the hull. The C-8 measures 27.9 feet long and 8.2 feet wide, which, as the name implies, can comfortably accommodate up to eight people on board.

Candela is building it out of carbon fiber and equipping it with its high-performance C-POD motor. The C-8 is packing a 44 kWh battery lasting up to 50 nautical miles on a single charge. Deploying its C-FOIL, we’re looking at a top speed of approximately 30 knots. Clients can configure their C-8 as a daycruiser or a hardtop.

At the end of the day, owners have access to an ensuite front cabin with enough room for four. Meanwhile, the main deck comes with a cooler, seats, and a sunbed. The cockpit features a 15.4” touchscreen panel with wireless connectivity. Pair it with your smartphone via the Candela app to control various functions. Reservations are now open for the C-8.

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Images courtesy of Candela