An eco-friendly recreational vessel that has been making waves as of late is the C-8 by Candela. After an interesting teaser in 2022, the company was at CES 2023 to showcase their platform to attendees. With production already underway, a new variant of their flagship model debuts, and it’s geared for anglers. This is the C-8 CC.

Candela notes that the “CC” stands for center console which sees the C-8 with a new deck layout. The original daycruiser configuration is available in three trims: Open, T-Top, and Hardtop. However, this positions the cockpit closer to the bow, which frees up space at the aft section.

The C-8 CC, on the other hand, goes for a smaller setup which provides 360-degree access to the water. It means you and the guys can hit the seas or the lake and fish to your heart’s content. At a glance, Candela equips this all-electric foiling boat almost exactly the same as its daycruiser counterpart.

However, this redesign presents a caveat interested buyers might want to consider. The C-8 CC ditches the front cabin but is not necessarily a dealbreaker for folks who know exactly what this bad boy is for. Notable features which cater to angling enthusiasts include a depth sounder and rod holders.

Outfitted with Candela’s C-POD propulsion system and retractable foils, this watercraft is no slouch when it comes to speed. The C-8 CC can reach a top speed of 30 knots with a range of 57 nautical miles. It can accommodate up to 8 people with options for seating arrangement and more. Reservations are now open for both versions.

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Images courtesy of Candela