The extremely popular Suzuki SV650, out of production for eight long years, has been resurrected for 2017. Combining great performance with versatility and affordability, the Suzuki SV650 was intentionally given a somewhat generic appearance so that each bike can be more easily customized.

To test how well the new SV650 takes to customizing, Suzuki’s Greek distributor turned one over to C-Racer, an Athens-based parts manufacturer, to see how well they could make a bolt-on customization kit for the model. The results included a new seat base with luggage racks that kept the scrambler motif. The chain, radiator, and engine guards are laser-cut aluminum as well as an electrostatically plated grill for the headlight – provided in three options of clear, smoke, or yellow lens. Other dress-up parts are included with the kit, like the front fender and fork guards, a headlight shroud, and side number plates. Distribution for the kits is being done through Parts Europe and Suzuki Hellas.

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