Forget disposable bottles or cups and cutlery when you can have the BYO Bottle with you wherever you go. This nifty container comes with its own spork and straw so you’re always ready for a munch or a sip when the need arises.

This bottle comes from the same team who brought the “I Am Not A Paper Cup” design to the public in 2009. Geared toward sustainability, it helps prevent plastic spoons, forks, and bottles from ending up in landfill or worse, the ocean.  Dubbed the “Swiss Army knife” of bottles, it comes with useful functions for everyday use.

Ditch the plastic or paper straws when you have the BYO Bottle. It comes with an integrated telescoping stainless steel straw that extends to 9.5 inches or 24 cm. It works great not just for sipping but also for stirring. The straw has its own space on the surface of the bottle for storage after use.

Then there’s the detachable stainless steel spork conveniently tucked into its own spot also outside the bottle. Meanwhile, built into the base is a hidden compartment to store small items including keys, cash, coins, medicines, and more. The non-slip rubber bottom also helps prevent accidental spills from bumps or sudden movements.

The insulated single-wall BYO Bottle is perfectly sized at 24 oz. to store your fave drink, be that your morning coffee or tea, a smoothie, or water. A wide mouth opening lets you easily add ice cubes inside and a leak-proof screw cap lid prevents spills when on the go. It is cupholder compatible and guaranteed safe and durable, including the spork and straw, because they are BPA-free and food-safe and made from Grade A stainless steel.    

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Images courtesy of BYO Bottle