Aside from those with sails, fully emission-free yachting is still out of grasp. Nevertheless, the shipbuilding industry continues to see thrilling developments that inch us closer to total sustainability. The BYD 50 is a new concept that teases what could be possible in the near future. It might not be totally green, but its hybrid setup is like no other.

This innovative idea comes from BYD Group with the help of Atollvic Shipyard. As noted earlier, this is still in the proposal stage but renders give us a glimpse into what the BYD 50 offers. The team behind this project says it will “push the boundaries of efficiency and innovation in the yachting industry.”

Starting with the propulsion system, they’re equipping the vessel with a comprehensive combination. The azimuthal thrusters can draw power from a battery system, two hydrogen fuel cells, four diesel generators, and solar panels.

Those in command can freely switch between any of these. These include combustion, hydrogen, or electricity. So far, we do know its green systems are more than enough to run the rest of its operations. The BYD 50 likewise sports an aerodynamic exterior, which helps the 164-foot superyacht hit a top speed of 14.5 knots.

Meanwhile, its regular cruising speed is 12.5 knots and can dial it back to 9 knots in power-saving mode. In addition to its eco-friendly characteristics, the BYD 50 has no shortage of luxurious features. Its pool at the foredeck can transform into a helipad when not in use.

The beach club has a garage that can hold a 27-foot tender and fold-out platforms. Five staterooms inside can accommodate up to 12 guests. As always, clients can commission their own designer for the BYD 50’s interior spaces.

Images courtesy of BYD Group