It’s all a matter of taste as people shop for their next wrist candy. Guys normally go for models with chunkier cases for that macho look. Unfortunately, wrist sizes vary and those on the slim side might want a timepiece to match. Look no further because BVLGARI’s latest creation – the Octo Finissimo — is currently the “world’s thinnest mechanical watch.”

Normally, some mechanical watches are on the thick side to accommodate the components of their in-house movements. There are Swiss brands that can pull off intricate calibers to keep the case as slender as possible. However, at only 1.80 mm thick, BVLGARI just outclassed every other luxury watchmaker.

The Octo Finissimo – as the name hints at – comes in a 40 mm octagonal titanium case. We like the muted tone from the sandblasted matte finish on all surfaces including the 1.50 mm titanium bracelet. You’ll barely notice it, but BVLGARI still manages to fit a 0.30 mm sapphire crystal over everything.

Beneath the lens, the BVL180 manual caliber with a 50-hour power reserve is on full display. Instead of a single dial, the Octo Finissimo packs 2. The hour and minute functions are split so there’s no need to stack the hands. There’s even a small wheel with black indices to count the seconds.

To the upper left is the barrel with an engraving of a QR code that links to an exclusive NFT artwork. This attempt to appeal to the modern crowd is a welcome bonus. To enable this outstanding configuration, BVLGARI opts for two slim cogs on each side to wind and set the time respectively. The Octo Finissimo is limited to 10 examples only.

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Octo Finissimo Side Octo Finissimo Beauty

Images courtesy of BVLGARI