We’re sure you’ve heard of the term “glamping,” but just in case you haven’t, it’s a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” which pretty much explains everything you need to know. Bürstner has debuted its latest caravan concept called the Bürstner Harmony 3, which looks to be the perfect glamping companion.

The goal with the Bürstner Harmony 3 is to make camping feel more elegant and comfortable. Or better to say, to make camping feel more like home away from home. As such, you’ll easily mistake the interiors of the Harmony 3 for a luxurious hotel room. One that’s replete with meticulous little touches that elevate the camping experience to new heights. Simply put, it makes you forget you’re even camping at all.

Of note are the rustic-looking walls, hanging lamps, and the rainfall shower in the bathroom. There’s also an in-wall espresso maker, and an interior space large enough to accomodate a posh coffee table. The usual camper suspects are there as well, like a fully functional sink, a dining table, and an induction cooktop. You’ll also discover an L-type couch — from above which the sleeping platform descends. It simultaneously saves space and makes your bed look as if it’s floating in mid-air. You can simply push it back up when not in use, a really clever utilization of limited space.

Since the Harmony 3 is merely a concept camper, you shouldn’t expect it to go into production anytime soon as it will likely remain in the design stage for quite a while. Some of the features inside will take feats of engineering to achieve, like the hanging lamps and the dropdown bed. That being said, the Harmony 3 shows us a template of the future, and that future involves making camper design look a lot more like home.

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Photos courtesy of Bürstner