Foregoing the brazen futuristic stereotypes of movie-inspired war bikes as well as the traditional olive drab or camouflage, Istanbul’s Bunker Custom Cycles discovered a third option – war machine elegant! This handsome built began life as a somewhat vintage-looking Yamaha SR400.

The Bunker brothers soon shortened and looped the subfame and fitted it with small LED taillights and new leather seat. Behind the seat is the small hump of a tool box cover that can be removed to expose the second seat if you have a partner. New aluminum sidecovers with mesh-backed vents were created along with the new front fender. All this custom work was to compliment the smooth lines around the original stock fuel tank.

The classy SR400 is finished off in a deep blue with golden and brass detailing, plus an all-glorious double-headed Hittite eagle motif on the tank. It is a solid build and a lithe profile that seems meant to lead.