Girard-Perregaux recently made a digital comeback when it unveiled the Casquette 2.0. The revival timepiece was a cool throwback that packs modern extras. It appears Bulova is also planning one of its own with the Computron. Moreover, they’re collaborating with D-CAVE to produce not one, but two distinct versions of this retro timekeeping accessory.

The Bulova Computron by D-CAVE arrives in a black IP stainless steel case. The geometric body boasts chamfered edges that make it look like a roughly cut gemstone. A bright green strip is visible on the top cover close to the angled side with the green LED display. The co-branding is likewise visible on the crystal.

They’re pairing it with a two-tone black/green rubber strap that features a three-piece buckle closure system. We’re wondering why they did not apply a black IP coat on the caseback which somewhat breaks the theme due to the brushed silver finish.

Then there’s the Computron Special Edition which targets those who are into NFTs and cryptocurrency. Buyers should line up to be the first to cop this variant when it drops soon. Unlike the regular model, its purchase nets owners a digital version that can be used by their avatars in Decentraland.

Moreover, they have a chance to win one of 1,000 examples of the physical Computron Special Edition watch. This exclusive take on the timepiece features a mineral glass cover that exposes the circuit board inside. Moreover, the edges are lined with bright green accents along with an acid-etched caseband detail that highlights the button. Instead of a rubber strap, this comes with a metal bracelet.

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Computron Top Computron side Computron Special Edition

Images courtesy of Bulova/D-CAVE