Porsche is one of the many carmakers that enjoys outstanding brand recognition across the globe. Most of the time, even just the silhouette of their vehicles is immediately discernible to the average individual. Over the years, the company has expanded into high-end lifestyle products. Now, Bugatti is following suit by introducing its Eyewear Collection.

So far, the French luxury marque has also been collaborating with various premium labels to sell a variety of upmarket products. These range from pool tables, safety razors, e-scooters, safes, champagnes, and watches, to name a few. This makes the Eyewear Collection a surprising push from the group, and will undoubtedly attract a fair share of interest from wealthy fashionistas.

Since those who can afford a Bugatti in the first place have likely splurged for their tie-ins, they might as well grab several stylish accessories to showcase their discerning tastes. If you’re wondering, they are not alone in this surprising project. Overseeing everything is famed optical fashion designer Larry D. Sands. With 60 years of experience under his belt, this venture is in good hands.

According to the press details, the Bugatti Eyewear Collection will span nine styles with a total of 37 pieces. As you can imagine, the construction of these classy shades involves materials you won’t normally find on regular sunglasses. Among those on the list are Macassar ebony wood, carbon fiber, 925 sterling silver, and palladium.

It “melds heritage with modernity, delivering a visual identity that is stimulated by past and present iconic Bugatti design languages but reinterpreted in contemporary optical aesthetic form that embodies the world of tomorrow,” writes Bugatti. Expect to pay anywhere between $1,295 to $15,000 when these become available.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti