It won’t be long before the automotive industry completely abandons internal combustion engines in favor of sustainable systems. Even luxury marques are now finalizing their electrification roadmaps in the coming years. Many believe Bugatti would eventually announce a green platform, which is why a one-off model – the Chiron Profilée – just sold for a staggering $10.7 million.

Before its stage appearance at a special auction in Paris, there was speculation as to how high bids will go. Pre-sale projections were hovering around $4.6 million to $6 million at the time. Hence, this makes it the most expensive brand-new vehicle in the world. The Chiron Profilée sale was in partnership with RM Sotheby’s.

“By the time we saw the pre-series vehicle coming out of production, all Chiron slots limited to just 500 were assigned for. But we knew that what we had created was too beautiful to be hidden away. It is – in every sense – a unique piece in Bugatti’s history and a true collector’s item,” according to the president of Bugatti Automobiles Christophe Piochon.

At the heart of the Chiron Profilée is an 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine that produces 1,476 horsepower. Bugatti configures the transmission for 15-percent shorter gear ratios over the Chiron Sport. It can zip from zero to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds, while the top speed is about 236 mph. The exterior sports a dazzling Argent Atlantique coat.

There are some cosmetic differences to set it apart from the rest of the lineup. Although these are mostly minor, the tweaks are exclusive to the Chiron Profilée. Inside its elegant cockpit, the hypercar flaunts premium leather upholstery and carbon fiber. If this is indeed the last production model with a traditional powertrain, we can’t wait to see their future zero-emission creation.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti