After close to a year of social distancing and home isolation, most of us are already eager to travel. Of course, after the pandemic hopefully ends soon. This would likely help revive the travel and hospitality industry once health officials start to gradually lift restrictions. Major airlines were hit the hardest when advisories were warning people to avoid air travel among others. British Airways is introducing something new for its clients who are regularly booking first class seating.

The company is apparently upgrading the premium section of its 777-300ER to accommodate those who crave the best experience. Prior to the tweaks, feedback from jet setters were not really that stellar, but that might soon change. What the designers have planned should push the comfort and luxury level of its most expensive accommodations up to a new level.

Travelers who value privacy above anything else will be glad to learn that the first class seats will have doors. A British Airways representative reveals that these upgrades were already in order ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, restrictions affecting logistics are the main reason for the delay. On the other hand, with the majority of aircraft in its fleet grounded amid the health crisis, it was an opportunity to improve their jetliners.

A while back, virtual reality was one of the new features British Airways was touting. Now, first class passengers can enjoy reverse herringbone seats, which, along with a state-of-the-art entertainment package. This could be enough to convince others to reconsider switching from coach and enjoy the exceptional services of the new seats.

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Images courtesy of British Airways