Music and lights always go together to make the experience even more immersive. Perhaps since both our visual and auditory senses are stimulated, we begin to feel even more connected to whatever is playing. If you want to add a mesmerizing element to your record collection, Brian Eno presents a trippy turntable to light up your tunes.

The device features color-changing LEDs that create a psychedelic light show in a dark room. It’s clever of Eno to use translucent acrylic for its construction. If he went with a more transparent material, the effect wouldn’t be the same. Instead, the turntable emits a diffused glow that draws the listener deeper as the beat continues.

The artist is partnering with Paul Stolper Gallery to exhibit and distribute this highly exclusive release. From what we know, only 50 units will see production. Also, it’s probable that all already have owners as of this writing. Despite the unique approach, most commercially available vinyl records are opaque.

Regrettably, unless there are some translucent records in your possession, the visual aspect of the platter is practically useless save for the edges. Still, it’s not exactly bad news. The base boasts a bigger physical footprint and it glows slightly brighter than the other parts anyway.

Brian Eno’s light-up turntable measures 420mm x 420mm x 76mm (case) with an 18-mm thick platter and 16-mm feet. The total height is around 110 mm for those who want to check if it will fit their multimedia cabinet or other furniture. Each unit ships with the designer’s signature and edition number as well.

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Images courtesy of Brian Eno/Paul Stolper Gallery