Remember that scene from Pulp Fiction, in which everyone was exceedingly impressed with the quality of coffee offered by Quentin Tarantino?

If you too enjoy coffee, but would like to elevate it to a delicious coffee-craft depicted in that scene, look no further than the Brew Book.

Books are written so people can avoid trial & error and just enjoy the benefits of someone else’s work. The Brew Book contains all the secrets to a supreme coffee drinking experience: which coffee to buy, how to spot a low-quality coffee, various techniques to prepare brews, what is the best equipment to buy…all beautifully illustrated in practical terms, accompanied with dozens of recipes for coffee-based drinks and cocktails.

With this premium hardcover 160-page book, written by Brian W. Jones, you can comfortably have a café-level quality coffee experience at your own home. And it’s those little moments of enjoyment that matter the most in life.

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